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Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Maintaining client websites.
  • Developing new projects which includes API.
  • Development of In-House projects.
  • Maintenance of In-House projects.
  • Ongoing Website Changes.
  • Periodic assessment of website for bugs and new features.
  • Maintaining Word Press website.
Skills Required:
  • OS: Windows, Ubuntu
  • Technology: PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, Python, REST API , SOAP API, POSTMAN
  • Database: MySQL, PDO, POSTGRESQL
  • Version Control: Git/ Bitbucket
  • Server: Apache , Nginx, IIS
  • AWS: EC2, RDS, REDSHIFT, Mysql Aurora, Aurora Serverless, Autoscaling, ELB, Route 53, DMS, SQS, SNS
Location - Gurgaon
Experience - 3+ Yrs. APPLY
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • The person should have Strong knowledge of on-page and off-page ranking factors, direct or indirect.
  • Candidate should be able to build relevant links for a website and show significant growth to the clients.
  • Required knowledge of working of tools like Google Analytics, Google webmasters, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, keyword planner, AdWords and other renown tools in SEO.
  • The candidate should have Knowledge of providing value with an SEO strategy to a new client.
  • Can analyze a website and share key insights with the client.
  • Keyword research and analysis and suggest appropriate keywords for a website.
  • Adaptable as per the need of the client and required reporting.
Location - Gurgaon
Experience - 3+ Yrs. Apply
  • To identify and solve new prospects and existing clients' problems through Digital Media (includes heads such as social media, content marketing, creative, SEM, SEO, Display Media, influencer marketing etc.)
  • Should be able to develop effective Digital strategy/ solutions both independently and collaboratively with the planning and creative teams.
  • Presenting the solutions to the customers & pitching organization’s products and services. Ensure tactical alignment with stated goals, objectives and strategy
  • Relationship management with the customers/maintaining relationships with existing and onboarded customers. Responsible for all client communications, and compliance on client deliverables. Prioritize & set expectations on key deliverables. Effectively manage projects to deliver on Cost, Quality, and Timing targets
  • Ensuring quality of delivery services, adhering to upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Managing business & and take complete ownership of the revenue generation for the set of clients
  • Monitor Digital & New Media industry trends and competitor offerings to identify potential business avenues and improve current offerings. Ability to compile and analyze search data and metrics and make decisions regarding campaign direction
  • Focus on driving innovation and creativity for the client. Use the Internet and marketing best practices resulting in customer acquisition, retention and growth
  • Adept in regular two-way communication between the client and team, to provide strong team representation and set proper client expectations
Location - Gurgaon
Experience - 3+ Yrs. Apply
Key Responsibilities:
  • Digital Media Planning for Search and Social media campaigns.
  • Execution of Search campaign and Social media campaign.
  • Knowledge of tools like Semrush, similar web and ComScore.
  • Digital media planning of Google Display campaigns and Video campaigns.
  • Managing media buys-Existing accounts.
  • Inventory Management, Publisher relationship and providing assistance to Publishers.
  • Managing Advertiser’s budget, time deadline for specific clients and campaigns.
  • Making media pitches in cohesion with social media and search team.
  • Locking inventory for future demand from Top 3 networks for smooth campaign delivery.
Location - Gurgaon
Experience - 5+ Yrs. APPLY
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Thorough understanding of CPM / CPC / CPL Mode of Operations.
  • Media buying/affiliate marketing.
  • Handle and manage affiliates to execute campaigns.
  • Ensure that team buys media from affiliates on CPC/CPM/CPO/CPL/CPA format.
  • Plan and formulate monthly media plans& budgets for affiliates.
  • Monitor day to day progress of campaigns and formulating daily plans for iCubesWire partners.
  • Will be responsible to effectively buy media, negotiate rates, positions to ensure clients get the best performance.
  • Knowledge & relevant experience in email & search display marketing
Location - Gurgaon
Experience - 3+ Yrs. Apply
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Handling Affiliate Engagement and Retention.
  • Acquiring Potential partners
  • Negotiating terms with all new and existing affiliates
  • Forming/negotiating strategic alliances with new and existing online partners.
  • Helping Sales team with all relevant information for new campaign briefs
  • Media planning for various Mobile advertising activities.
  • Briefing the sales personnel on the capabilities and offerings of new and existing affiliate partners.
  • Maintaining good relations with over 100 brand affiliates.
  • Finding and acquiring new sources of inventory for performance campaigns.
  • Acquiring affiliates for Performance (CPI, CPA) Activities and Branding (CPC, CPM, CPV, CPCV).
  • Exploring and expanding inventory for Mobile content offers for Value added services.
Location - Gurgaon
Experience - 3+ Yrs. Apply
Key Responsibilities:
  • Identify, source and manage affiliate partnerships with the goal of driving revenues for different campaigns.
  • Search new publisher and recruit them, divert publishers.
  • Exposure in the international market and expertise in Delivery international campaigns and managing international affiliates.
  • Ensure that team buys media from publishers on CPC/CPM/CPO/CPI/CPA format and measure the performances.
  • Identify and address product and campaign needs, and work closely with both client servicing and sales team to better execution of campaign.
  • Initiate a new mode of deliveries for the campaign.
  • Proactively respond to & resolves affiliate inquiries & concerns.
  • Monitor affiliate activity, analyze performance, identify areas of improvement, and recommend ways to increase affiliate revenues.
  • Able to negotiate and divert affiliate partners for premium placement using performance-based metrics.
  • Analyze/model data to identify growth trends and opportunities.
Location - Gurgaon
Experience - 2+ Yrs. Apply

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